On the porch at the William Inge House. Independence, KS

On the porch at the William Inge House. Independence, KS


  "Playwright Kristen Palmer crafts a contemporary fairytale that feels timeless. She gives us a classic hero’s journey and a variation on princess tales while subtly subverting and exploring classic tropes of the genre. Evil queens, magic spells, true love quests: Palmer touches on all these without patting herself on the back or spelling things out for the audience. She gives Once Upon A Bride... a dream-like feeling that weaves its own lyrical spell." --Theatre is Easy


"...you feel as if you have stumbled upon an episode of 'Days of Our Lives' written by Tennessee Williams." --Downtown Express


“Things You Can Do is a welcome step in the right direction for more complex stories about women, the kind of production I hope to see more of in the future. ... a commendable piece of feminist theater."  --The Daily 


"Palmer is great at creating a mythologized universe ... then developing an otherworld with visible but tenuous links to reality."   --Blog Critics


“The Cryosphere is melting, and with it our chances of being with each other in meaningful, artful and loving ways. THINGS YOU CAN DO is a prescient, vibrant piece of writing that allows us to see ourselves where we are now, where we are heading, and how we can change. In it, Palmer helps us see how we can be human: tender, loving, real.” --Hal Brooks, Artistic Director Cape Cod Theater Project